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History of Rawa Rajput Community

In our ancient times, our country contribution to our ancestors, the courage, courage, and wisdom of our ancestors contributed. The governance of any country determines its cultural economic ethical and administrative level.

Rajputs have been an indelible contributor to the development of Indian culture and civilization. On the holy land of India, the Rajput Kshatriyas have many dynasties, tribes, rishi gotra, branches, which have made their identities with different names at different places. Many of them are well known as special, dynasty, place, organization and sage tradition. Rava Rajput is one of them. This is what some historians have addressed with names like Raya, Rava, Rashtra, Rajnya, Rewa and Rai.


According to the history, the Rawa Rajputs are still in the confusion that what is the meaning behind “Rawa” word? Presently, the Rawa Rajput Community residents in Uttar Pradesh are using “Rava” word rather than “Rawa” with their names. They think that they got “Rava” surname from their ancestors. Many of the Rawa Rajput are not aware of their surname. So, let’s have a look at the brief history of Rawa Rajput Community and the meaning behind it.


In the past, the Princes (Son of King) were known as Rajputtar to give them respect.  The Rajputtar was used till 1200 Ed. But when the Muslim community came into India, they found it difficult to call them Rajputtar. Thus, they started to call them Rajput and the whole community started to put the Rajput word as their surname.


In 1654 Mughal emperor Shahjahan initiated his capital in Red Fort (Lal Qila) in Delhi. There was a king Gopaldas Rathore in the kingdom named “Rawa.” There were 5000 soldiers in his army and they were all known as Rawa Sardar or Rawa Rajput on the kingdom of Rawa. Many others were still confused in this, so some call them Rawa Rajput and some call them Raya Rajput, but in reality, both of them are same.


There is a Patan village near Zilo village in Seeker District of Rajasthan. During the Rajput emperor, the village was under Tanwar kings. In the middle of 1654-1658, Rawa Rajan Surjan Singh Tanwar of Patan came to Delhi with his brother Hathimal and Dulichand along with other 21 Tanwar sardars. So, with the help of his brothers, he killed the Muslim Mevs of Narangarh.     


On the request of Mevs and the orders of Shahjahan, Raw Gpaldas came to Narangarh along with his Rawa Sardars. Overreaching there, they came to know that the village actually belongs to the elders of Raw Surjan Singh on which Mevs once took over. Thus Raw Gopaldas allowed the Raw Surjan Singh and his soldiers to stay in Narayangarh along with their community name “Rawa” on which Mughals were called them. Later on, Raw Gopaldas informed the Badshah that Narangarh is now completely under the security of Rawa Sardars. After this incident, the other Rajputs also started to put Rawa surname with their names.


There is also an article in the history that some Rava Rajputs crossed the Ganges and settled in the fertile soil of the Malin River near the first village Kanva-Rishi Ashram (Madreipur-Mandavar) and Maneka Lal near the historic site which was famous by the name of Moudhia and currently there is a maudia. From this, the Rawa Rajputs settled in Bijnor district of Brahmaputra, Vadgara-Vermont then the Malini river flowed in the west, by changing the flow of the river, both the villages were separated. The villages of Mahodiya and Brahmpur are mentioned in the Maurya period and the Gupta period in which Hantasang and Phahya


The chronology of Rajputs is found in history, which I am mentioning.


  • ·         Chandra dynasty - Som, Yadav, Tomar Jit, Geharwar, Hail, Mohil, Dabi, Rajpali, Hans (10)
  • ·         Sun Dynasty - Sun, Sevreya, Caddah, Kathi, Bat, Nikumbh, Chavda, Takshak, Gohil, Thouss (10)
  • ·         Agnivansh - Parihar, Saulanki, Parmar or Pavanar, Chauhan (4)
  • ·         Rishi Dynasty - Sagar, Gaur, Kamari, Doda, Badgujar, Sikar War, Gahlaut, Rathore, Dahiya, Johia, Dahima, Cinerar (12)


The Rawa Rajputs had a big name in the history. They are believed to be very strong and hard working. Presently there is no Rawa Rajput in Rajasthan or any other parts of India. Presently ‘Rawa Rajputs’ live in Delhi & NCR, some districts of Western UP.



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